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Or why selling a sectional is so not charming

I began this blog nearly two years ago, lamenting over the sale of my beloved home that I literally poured my blood, sweat and tears into, among other things. And during this time I’ve written at length about how a house is just walls, that it’s the people that make a house a home. I stand by these words. So here I sit once again having moved my little family and I’ve written numerous posts in my head, daily, about said move. Mostly on the hilarity that ensued…chronically everything from debacles with the moving company, to being stranded by myself, trailer hitched to my  Mom SUV (oh yes I did!), the deep puncture wound and trip to the ER I suffered in the middle of all this…. the day all my worldly possessions sat on the lawn while I watched a wedding across the street proceed. It was greatness!! What I failed to mention was the bits about how I attempted to bolster myself up about what a strong independent woman I am during the process. Again I have never felt so alone and helpless and the latter is something that I will not tolerate. Yes, I got it done. As my eldest says “Mommy always finds a way.” And she is right…yet a time comes when Mommy gets tired too.

I look upon our new dwelling as a fresh start, clean and shiny and new. Yet the old battles are ever present and I have grown weary of the fight. Tonight I found time for reflection finally and I realized I just need to let go. Such a simple concept; easy to say, difficult to execute. The past. Those who have hurt me. Things. Pain. And yes, now my beloved sectional. I have a bizarre visceral reaction to this sectional, a piece of furniture. A relic of another era which doesn’t fit in our new space, was hand chosen by me and took so long to custom build I could have had another child. It’s a thing and perhaps it will be a relief to let go of a thing that is a reminder of a time and a lifetime ago that is no longer mine. A voice keeps telling me that it’s time to move on and live the life I was meant to live….if said voice could share exactly what that is I would greatly appreciate this, thank you very much. Until then…goodbye ultra suede comfortable, beautiful, sectional, I shall miss you, but you are a mere thing and my family will greatly benefit from your departure in more ways then one. Ahhh parting is such sweet sorrow….. It’s good to just let go….

Sectional, Old Living Room

-Charmed, I’m Sure

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Really worth a listen. See below..one I had to upload all by myself. xx