As I took my girlies to the airport to visit their Grandparents for Spring Break, I reflected about a time when I was the kid with the tag around my neck. Shuttled between two cities to visit my Father.  The first time I flew by myself I was so very little and yet I remember with such clarity.  Clinging to my Mother, pleading with her not to make me get on that plane.  Recalling that memory with the eyes of a mother, that must have broken her heart.  Yes, I wanted my Mommy but it was more than that…  You see as a child I was still working under the assumption that if my parents were on the airplane, the airplane would not only take flight but stay in the air and we would all be safe and sound. It didn't matter how many times my Father explained to me that airplanes are safer than cars.  Such logic is unimportant when operating under kid logic.  Clearly I knew my parents were not actually pilots, but parents keep you safe in an uncertain world.

Certain things are required that make us feel secure in this world.  For myself it is simple, the ability to receive bills in the mail and pay them, to provide food and shelter for my family, the knowledge that I have my tribe to love and support us no matter what… to name a few.  And that my children have been given the tools they need to feel loved, safe and secure to give me a kiss and a hug then walk hand in hand toward the airplane.  And the savvy to ask beforehand, "At what point is it okay to turn my DSi on?"

-Charmed, I am Sure

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