or a night (or morning) in the life of the sleepless…

People always say there is never enough time in a day… if only I didn't need sleep, I could get oh so much done.  I never intended to chronicle my insomniac moments however it is Spring Break and so I am on Day (or night 4) of the shorties being at Grandma's House.  And what does that mean for Mommy?  I AM SO TIRED!!


Since about 12:30am I wandered aimlessly about the house.  Got in bed.  Feigned sleep for about 30 minutes tortured, tossing and turning.  Got up decided to watch The Biggest Loser, debated putting on a few hundred pounds with the thought that, hey I could win this thing…  I can win the big bucks, get product endorsements, make money doing what I enjoy, yoga and beating up inanimate objects.  And lots and lots of running shoes.  Alas, it's not worth whatever I would have to do to gain that much weight.

I then became restless and looked at the dishwasher asking to be unloaded but what fun would that be? Surely there are some insomniacs out there, totally OCD, armed with a toothbrush cleaning grout off the floor tiles in the bathroom.  I wish I could catch that disease.  If you are out there, you have an open invitation.


Tired but wired.  Can't function properly and yet cannot sleep.  I decide I need Gatorade but without my full faculties intact though this is not necessarily due to the insomnia truth be told, a trip to 7-11 was in order.  Except where I put my purse, who knows?  Rather then locate it, I decide to count every penny in the house.  Note to the elder child should you ever see this:  No I would not, and would never touch your piggy bank. Absolutely not, I raided the swear jar, of course.  Now, this is a jar for the really BIG words, like STUPID, or SHUT-UP, or HATE.  Others exist but as I tell the girls, if you must say potty words as we all know that they are oh so funny, please do me a favor and both of you go in the potty and have a potty party.  Be my guest. 

I go to 7-11 at 2:43 in the morning, real safe.  Armed with a change purse with about 300 pennies in it.  Now my thinking is that the overnight clerk should be amused.  What kind of fun does this guy have really?  I smiled really big and everything.  Not amused.  Not one bit.  He even asked me how old I am, and believe me, he was not flirting.  To which I replied "Hey at least you won't have to crack open a roll of pennies anytime soon!"  Big smile.  Have a good night. 

So now it is 4:42 and my next venture is to reorganize my entire musical catalog on my laptop which should get me to at least Good Morning America with any luck.  Believe me I want to sleep. My only thought now is that I should have purchased more coffee creamer while I was out…

-Charmed I am Sure

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