And other such things we say to our kids to explain things that go bump in the night…


Growing up in "Tornado Alley," waking up to the crack of thunder and sky ablaze in lightening was terrifying to me. Particularly if the electricity went out, because obviously if the lights are still on in the house you are more or less going to be fine, of course.  I would run to my parent's room to snuggle in with my mom, only to find that three other pesky younger siblings beat me to it. Mom would hold us all and tell us things like, maybe G-d is bowling… and we would laugh amidst our tears and fears.

We look to our parents to take the scaries away, to explain the who, what, when, where and whys of it all and make everything better.  When my oldest daughter was still a toddlery baby and scratched her knee, or had a fever, she always said "Mommy, I need betters, need betters Mama…"  "Betters" was actually lots of kisses and hugs while applying Neosporin and bandaids. Why? She knew that if something hurt I would get the betters out, and make everything, well, better..  "Mommy makes everything betters…"

So last night when the thunder grew increasingly loud,  I heard the terrified scream of "MOMMMMMMY!!!!!!" piercing through the darkness of the house. Funny thing is, I still am a little scared of the dark, but as a parent we have to be fearless as we glide on by the things that go bump in the night.  We learn what we need to say, and as we soothe our children and make them feel better, we too feel better.  Because now I am the Mommy, and as I lay in my bed squished between two little girls, I stroked their little heads and said, "Shhhh, it's okay Mommy is here now….it's all going to be okay,..everything will be betters soon…" 

Someday they will have children of their own, and find out that even Mommy's need betters at times.. I need my Mommy too because she still knows what to say, "There there, poor thing, poor, poor thing…" For now, that my girls know that I can assuade their fears, everready with the betters…everything is going to be okay.


 -Charmed, I am Sure


05-little_dragon-thunder_love Prince - Thunder 02 Better 02 Can You See The Lights_


1) Little Dragon – Thunder Love

2) Prince – Thunder

3) Regina Spektor – Better

4) Butterfly Boucher -Can you see the lights

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