Each night brings a new battle to get my four-year-old to bed…  We do have a routine of course:

  1. Play time
  2. Bath time
  3. Book time
  4. Get into bed time

And each night we discuss what a big girl she is now and how she can go to bed just like her sister, one kiss, one hug and say good night..  The routine doesn’t stop there though.  She always says she needs me to sleep by her for just “two one minutes.”  Inevitably this turns into one more minute, and another minute.  Sometimes I admit, this can be wearing as I know that what she really wants is for me to stay with her until she is fast asleep.  Mostly though, I secretly do not mind that my baby still wants her Mommy to stay and cuddle with her.

Each night while we snuggle for “two one minutes” she tells me about her day, or offers reasons why she cannot possible sleep by herself.  The most memorable has even turned into a story, Let me set the scene.  Picture a twin bed, lowered as much as possible to the ground with side rails.  In other words, an overblown toddler bed.

We discussed going to bed like a big girl as always and on this night she said “Mommy, I can’t go to sleep.”  I replied, “Why is that Zoe?”  She responded in her usual dead-pan, matter of fact way “Um, there is a monster under the bed.”  Oh, really?  To this I could only laugh and called in big sister for back-up.  We tried to look under the bed (remember, it’s practically on the floor).  Big sister Sophia responds “Zoe, there is no room for a monster under the bed, see?”  And to that, Zoe says “Oh, it’s a tiny monster, it is a dinosaur.”  Sure enough, we look under the bed and lo and behold, there was a tiny plastic dinosaur….  I retrieved the scary tiny dinosaur monster, and you know what happened?  Tiny dinosaur looked at Zoe and screamed “Ahhhhh, a giant blond girl!!!”  We all laughed, and the ongoing adventures of Zoe and the Tiny Dinosaur chronicles began. Who can argue about with that kind of logic?

Inevitably each morning I awake with a Zoe in my bed…  and it happens so frequently that most nights I do not even realize she has creeped in once again.  Last night, I was still awake when my little snuggle buddy came in.  And was reminded what it is really all about.  My baby that wants so much to be a big girl, still just wants her Mommy. She snuggled in, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Oh Mommy, I love you,” and promptly fell asleep.

Though as parents we all have different struggles trying to get the kids to go to bed, and stay in bed, I am glad that my girls still want to snuggle with Mommy no matter what the day has brought.  And lying there watching my daughter sleep so peacefully, I could still see her little baby face and remember how she has always wanted to be close to me.  We give each other comfort then I suppose.  As I stared at the sleeping form, I decided to give myself a break.  Eventually she will outgrow this so rather than fight her on this point, I am going to enjoy these times while they last…  these moments are what it is all about, and why I am twice charmed…

-Charmed, I am Sure


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