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No Woman (or Man) is an Island

* Note:  Due to worst logistical and otherwise move of my life, this was written on 7/31, and remarkably, this is the first my computer has worked at home.

Staring down the clock and it is 8:30 pm.  I have always been great under pressure and yet suddenly, sitting amongst my things strewn about in utter chaos and disarray, am fighting the urge to hide under the covers.  As if that will keep the inevitable from happening.  Today I received keys to my new dwelling.  After walking the house with my new landlord, noticing all the work I have in front of me, I sat on the floor for what seemed like days.  Eyes fixed to one particular spot on the hardwood floor.  Tears streaming down my face.  First thought:  I…  CANNOT… BREATHE….


Three distress call later, as if like a test.  Needed a friend to remind me of why I am doing this.  Am clearly the most reluctant seller on the planet, and while many people offer congratulations for selling my home, at this very moment I am finding little to celebrate.  Perhaps this was a test.  Who will answer the call?  Do you ever have those days that you feel like an Island?  Living and being on that island can be difficult whether that island is self-imposed or due to lack of faithful friends and family unable or unwilling to lend a hand, or at least offer some show of support when needed.

At that moment, sitting on the floor, eyes fixed to the floor, I became a one-woman island.  Doing all of this alone….  The most unsuspecting friend not only came through and helped me at a moment’s notice, but also managed to overlook the seemingly seven days worth of perspiration, icky moving clothes, and made me feel like things really would be fine.  And I found myself smiling, and happy as I later pondered on what matters most in this world. 

Lest I forget what is important, here is a reminder:  I have the best family and friends who I would do anything for and who would do the same for me.  I have two beautiful daughters who are my heart, made my life, love more than life and drive me half insane but love all the same.  I have a home to move into.  I am still young-ish, not completely unattractive, healthy, and when I stop and think about it, I am happy.  Just a few things….  oh and my car is paid off.

Lesson learned today is this:  No Woman Is an Island.  We all need our tribe nearby at times.  If help, a friendly show of support, a call or whatever is offered, do not let pride stand in your way of just saying two simple words:  THANK YOU.  In my efforts to be independent, I tend to forget that to accept or ask for help is not a failing, nor does it mean I have lost my Super Woman status.  To quote my eldest, "Mommy can do anything…."  Well, almost.

-Charmed, I'm Sure


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