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We all know that moving is not fun,  And each and every time I undertake this arduous process I think, never again.  I have never endured the process of selling a house before, and having spoken with others who have, I can say without a doubt that my experience is so not charming. 


Two days before closing…  frantically trying to pack and complete repairs and once again Buyers are sending the so-called "carpet people" in to take a third set of measurements.  These are no carpet people  Oh no, these are contractors, itching to get into my house (yes, I know in two days this will no longer be my house but that is beside the point here) to plan the destruction of my beloved and newly redone kitchen.  Why the kitchen with the new flooring, backsplash, countertops, refaced cabinetry, and Jenn-Aire appliances are not feung shei enough for the new owners is beyond me…  and yes, as everyone keeps reminding me to the point of redundancy, I know this is not my house anymore.  But guess what, it IS still mine for two more days.  And yes, it does bother me to know that all the blood, sweat and tears poured into my once loved home will be demolished the moment the moving truck pulls out of the driveway.  And for what?  I come to the table on Thursday, closing day, bearing a check in the amount of $353.95 to the title company. Sure, it could always be worse….  in the meantime…am considering painting a wall red before I leave.

Charmed, I Am Sure.

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